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Sabro – Pollys – 6.8% IPA

Sabro – Pollys – 6.8% IPA

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6.8% IPA | 440 | Through every iteration of our growth over the last demi-decade, one thing that has persisted throughout is this brewery’s love of hops, and how we’ve born an entire business that now looks after the livelihoods of fourteen team members from this love. The Hop Studio felt like a natural extension of this love – showcasing the single most complex, wonderfully diverse ingredient we use in our process bar none. An absolute revolution when first released, we absolutely clamoured to get our hands on Sabro, previously HBC 438, back in 2020. Born of neomexicanus heritage, this varietal is the result of two decades worth of cultivation by John I. Haas Inc to harness the desirable characteristics of the notoriously difficult to breed wild hops of the New Mexico mountains. The result of this endeavour has created one of the most unique hops in the world today, and Sabro really needs no introduction – wholly unique unto itself, this incredible varietal brings swathes of tangerine, coconut, lime and peach flavours, with a distinct hint of cedar wood, mint, and cream to boot.

Contains: cereals containing gluten

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