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We love our customers and we want to reward them for their continued support especially when pennies are as tight as they are now. We do this with our Loyalty Points scheme which allows you to accumulate points with every purchase made which then are redeemable as vouchers.

For every £1 spent you'll receive 1 point. Once you hit 250 points you'll be able to redeem a 10% off voucher and means FREE BEER!

Create An Account

Create an account and make sure you log in when you place an order to collect your reward points.


Collect Points

You collect 1 point for every £1 you spend on our website. So if you spend £40 you'll receive 40 points.


If you've ordered before you'll likely already have an account without knowing it ... so try to log in first.

Check Your Points

Log in to our website and on you 'My Account' check out the 'My Rewards' tab.


Spend Your Rewards

250 points = 10% of your next order and you'll be given a code to use on your 'My Rewards' tab.


To check your points and see if you have any rewards that are ready to redeem follow these steps...


1 - Log in

2 - Go to 'My Account' section

3 - Go to the 'My Rewards' tab

4 - Go to the 'Rewards section' and click 'Redeem Points'

5 - When prompted click ' Redeem'

6 - You'll be given a code which you can use at the cart page to get 10% of your next order.... that code will stay on your 'My Rewards' page until you redeem it so don't worry about it disappearing

7 - Order some 'FREE BEER'

8 - Enjoy drinking them

9 - Start building your points all over again

Click the button below to visit your 'My Rewards' section

(you'll need to make sure you're signed in)...


Q - I have ordered before but I cant remember which email address I used to order?

A - Get in touch with us and we'll let you know which email address we have against your account.

Q - I can't see my points?

A - Firstly make sure you log in... then if you've ordered before you should be able to see your points with the above method so get in touch and we'll sort it.

Q - How will I know if I have reached a spends milestone?

A - You'll receive an automated email but you can check your points anytime by following the steps in the above section.

Q - I think I should have more points than I do? I think I've spent over £250 in total?!

A - Here are some examples of what your points would be from previous orders;

EG 1 - Spend £240 in total - you'll have 240 points

EG 2 - Spend £850 in total (before the scheme started) - you'll have 100 points (because you'll have already received and used 3 x 10% off vouchers for your spends at £250, £500 and £750.

Q - Do I have to spend my voucher code within a certain time frame?

A - No you don't, its yours to spend whenever.

Q - We have ordered from you before with 2 different names in the same household. Can we combine our points? 

A - Yes you can, just let us know who's points you want transferred to a second account.

Finally... the 10% codes are none redeemable in person and can only be used via orders made on the website.

If you're reading this and you have another question that maybe isn't listed above please just get in touch.

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