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Build-A-Box will be available for both local and courier deliveries and it will allow you to buy individual cans, or a couple of cans, or as many cans as you like that don't take your spend high enough to trigger free delivery (£30 local / £70 courier) which will then be reserved for you and delivered to you when your cumulative order(s) hit our delivery thresholds.

We hope this will help you to not miss out on the beer you want and allow you to build orders over the course of a few weeks or a month.


To use this option simply put a beer in your basket, choose the 'Build-A-Box' option and pay for your order in the usual way. Job done. 

Q - But when do I get my beers?!

A - Well people who qualify for LOCAL deliveries will receive their order(s) once the threshold of £30 has been hit. People who qualify for COURIER deliveries will receive their order(s) once the threshold of £70 has been hit for FREE delivery OR you can pay £8 for us to send it sooner - please note we have a minimum spend of £30 on courier orders.


IMPORTANT - any orders made using this option will not be delivered until the minimum delivery thresholds have been met.

How To Build-A-Box

So you've seen some cans you want BUT you only want a couple which then doesn't take you over our free delivery threshold :( You then remember that you can build an order up until it does hit the free delivery threshold!! Woohoo... and here's how you do it.

1 - pick some cans

2 - go to your cart

3 - click shipping drop down box

4 - choose 'Build-A-Box'

5 - pay in your usual way

6 - then go back to step one to add more cans you fancy and once you hit the free delivery thresholds you'll receive your beers during our next delivery drop to your post code or as soon as we're able to courier!

7 - drink your beer :)

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