"Craft beer has been in short supply in recent times in South Tyneside but times are changing and we hope to be part of that. Hydrology is an online bottle shop here bring you a range of quality craft beers from the North East and beyond straight to your door. 

Good beer is to be savoured and enjoyed; many of us love going to the local boozer but sometimes there’s nothing better than good beer in the comfort of your own home, Hydrology is for those days and nights at home to unwind or for a BBQ in the garden with friends and family."

Andy, Founder of Hydrology

Call us Mavericks,(please do, we’d like that) but we knew we didn’t need a shop front to sell craft beer, in fact by cutting out this part we can keep our costs low and we can offer a carefully chosen selection that we know you’ll want to try, so welcome in please stay, have a look around and if you see anything you like buy online and we’ll deliver to your door. We aim to support the fantastic breweries we have in the North East as well as bring you the best beers from beyond. Beery goodness is coming. 


At the moment we are selling locally and we are only delivering to postcodes in South Tyneside, as well as parts of Gateshead, Washington and Sunderland, so please do keep that in mind. However if you live just outside our designated area please don’t hesitate to get in contact and we’ll see what we can do.

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