S43 vs LHG Pack - 6pack

S43 vs LHG Pack - 6pack


S43 vs LHG

North East vs South West

Lush beer vs Lush beer


6 beers , 3 from S43, 3 from LHG

WC Pale, Hazy Pale and NZ IPA from S43

2 x 6.5% Hazy IPAs and a Hazy DIPA (8%) from LHG


Worth over £32 but just for you lot its £25


This pack includes 1 can each of;


Zinzan    6.9%    NZ IPA
Jorts     5.2%    WC Pale
The Drake Equation     5.4%    Hazy Pale


Left Handed Giant

Nothing Fades Like The Light    6.5%    Hazy IPA w/ Citra Cryo, Idaho 7, Loral
This Is My Beloved     8%    Hazy DIPA
The Art Of Flight      6.5%    Hazy IPA