Books ‘n’ Beer Pairings - 10 pack special

Books ‘n’ Beer Pairings - 10 pack special


Forum Books (Corbridge) & Craft Beer Newcastle are teaming up again! Once again they are pairing of Beers 'N' Books and we've provided the beers. As part of this we've got a limited number of beer packs and the book reviews will be happening very soon - check out Craft Beer Newcastle's socials and website ( for more deets - and if you want to buy some books get over to here ------>


Each pack contains 10 beers and a Hops at Home glass to help you enjoy them;

Almasty - Green 5% Pale

By The River Brew Co. - Heedbanger 6.7% IPA
Errant - Once In A.... 5.6% Wheat Beer

Full Circle - Rotator 5.5% DD Pale

Play Brew - Fuzzy Fruit 4.8% Cherry & Strawberry Fizzy Lace Sour

Rigg & Furrow - Run Hop Run 4.2& Simcoe Pale

S43 - Our Lawyers Made Us Change The Name Of This Beer So We Don't Get Sued 7.2% Black IPA

Twice Brewed - Fortuna 5% Cappuccino Stout

Two By Two - Snake Eyes 4.7% Pale

Vaux - Black Wave 5% Oatmeal Stout